Real Estate Law

Most of our real estate clients are businesses too.  They are real estate developers, businesses that own or lease real estate, lenders, contractors, landlords, tenants, engineers and other real estate professionals.

In some ways buying, selling, and leasing real estate can be very similar to buying, selling and licensing other business assets.  It requires a thorough understanding and clear documentation of the benefits and risks inherent in the deal.  But real estate is a unique asset.

We are knowledgeable of the body of law affecting real estate. That knowledge has been gained with a focused practice for the past 23 years, including many years with the county’s largest real estate practices. We understand how real estate is owned and transferred, how liens, and rights and responsibilities, such as easements, restrictions, and condominium declarations attach and become inextricably tied to the use and value of real estate.  And, we are adept at drafting these real estate documents.

We also have experience with local and state laws on zoning, subdivision, and land development.  We work with a team including our clients, their engineers, and professionals on behalf of municipalities.  We visualize the client’s goals, analyze the steps needed to get there, and direct efforts through the path of least resistance.

Our Real Estate legal services include:

Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Development
  • Office and other Commercial Uses
  • Residential


  • Contractor Agreements
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • AIA  Agreements
  • Collection Issues
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act


  • Formation of Condominiums and Condominium Associations
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Site Condominiums
  • Review of Declarations and Bylaws
  • Condominium Transitions


  • Variance
  • Special Exception
  • Conditional Use

Subdivision and Land Development

  • Representation in Approval Process
  • Development Agreements
  • Utility Easements

Marcellus Shale Gas Leasing

Loan Documents

  • Construction
  • Permanent Financing


  • Office
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Lease Purchase