Attorney Krista Harper of Harper Business Law in Pennsylvania strategically positions businesses for success. The business law firm provides clients with counsel for business formations, succession planning, buying and selling businesses, employee and consulting agreements, customer, vendor and construction agreements, and real estate matters.

“I am driven by my clients’ goals and use my legal knowledge, experience, and business acumen to help them get there. My clients own and operate businesses. They are entrepreneurs, innovators, go getters, the doers of the world. They are honest, hardworking and driven to succeed. And, they appreciate the benefits of having astute and practical legal counsel on their team.”

Attorney Krista Harper represents manufacturers, real estate developers, service providers, contractors, banks, and many other businesses. The law firm’s business clients serve local communities, regions, the country, and the world.

“Knowing each client and learning about their business is my pleasure. It is also the key to my approach to the practice of law. I focus legal efforts on the value drivers and risks relevant to the unique client and their business. This keeps business transactions efficient and productive.”

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September 7, 2018


  I have had a few successes for clients recently that have made me think about what success means for a business lawyer and how I achieve it. Success in my work means that my conduct brings about a client’s desired outcome. As a business lawyer, results are achieved by understanding and using leverage appropriately. For...

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March 5, 2014

Deal Hurdle – The Dreaded Indemnity

In representing business owners in purchasing and selling businesses, there is one area that seems to be the sticking point in almost every deal…the dreaded indemnity. For people that regularly buy or sell businesses an indemnity is just part of the deal.  There is an acceptable framework and they negotiate to get the best deal...

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